GlassKote Ballistics provides a range of bullet resistant security products designed to protect:

  • Public buildings
  • Residential Homes
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Military Armourned Vehicles
  • Civilian Vehicles

BulletKote has been designed to defeat penetration by high energy ballistic projectiles and prolonged physical attacks

A major breakthrough is the significant weight reduction provided by BulletKote which can be up to 50% lighter than other bullet resistant products. This decrease in weight, now allows buildings protection, that was previously unattainable.This was due to engineering weight concerns from heavy ballistic glass on the building infrastructure.

BulletKote uses a range of technologies that include, Glass, Polycarbonate, mutiple interlayers and nano technologies to provide world class solutions.

In addition BulletKote can be designed with increased transparency, to allow for significant improvement on visibility through the panels. BulletKote has provided panels of size 3200x2000mm to the Australian Government, the largest ballistic panels to be made in Australia.

BulletKote is tested to Australian and international testing standards using accredited NATA test facilities. Please see table for products below

Class Weapon Callibre Bullet Mass Velocity
G0 9mm Military Parabellum 9mm Metal Case 7.4g 405 m/s
G1 .357Magnum Hangun 0.357 SP SJ Flat Nose 10.2g 450 m/s
G2 44 Magnum Handgun 0.44 SP SJ Flat Nose 15.6g 480 m/s
R1 M 193 Rifle 5.56mm Full Metal Case 3.6g 980 m/s
R2 NATO 7.62mm Rifle 7.62mm Full Metal Case 9.3g 850 m/s
S0 12 Gauge Shotgun 70mm SG Shot 32g 400 m/s
S1  12 Gauge Shotgun 70mm SG Slug 28.35 450 m/s
R2BR7 7.62mm Rifle 7.62mm Full Metal HC 9.3g 850 m/s

Notes: SJ – Semi Jacketed,  SP – Soft Point, HC – Hardened Core

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