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The use of a glass shower screen reduces the need for additional fixtures and joins, adds value to your bathroom and makes cleaning and maintenance much easier.



Semi-Frameless and Frameless Shower Screens offer a sleek design whilst remaining durable and functional. The use of a glass shower screen reduces the need for additional fixtures and joins, adds value to your bathroom and makes cleaning and maintenance much easier.

Different shower layouts and designs can be achieved to compliment any space and taste. Shower screens that add a degree of privacy are also available, utilising frosted, textured, semi-translucent and opaque glass finishes.


  • Low maintenance; Easier to clean with minimal fittings required
  • Creates space; minimalist style, especially great for smaller bathrooms
  • Impressive and elegant; a modern look that will add value to your home
  • Completely customisable; our shower screens are custom designed to suit your specific requirements

With the expert advice and glass knowledge of our staff at your disposal, your shower screen is custom designed to your exact requirements and architectural specifications.

Our stunning range of stylish Frameless and Semi-Frameless shower screens offer minimal visual disruption to your bathroom. The look achieved is elegant and timeless, with all styles manufactured from 10mm toughened glass, offering total piece of mind. All frameless models are complemented by a range of high quality, tasteful fittings.


The Infinity and Profile 2040 ranges are our brand of superior semi-frameless shower screens. Strong lines, durable finishes and understated elegance – we believe the Infinity and Profile 2040 are the best Australian made 6mm semi-frameless shower screens available to the domestic market.

Take a look at our gallery and customise your shower! All door openings and fixed glass panel positions have the option to be reversed to suit your individual bathroom requirements.

All models within the Infinity and Profile 2040 ranges are low maintenance, easy to clean and are manufactured from toughened glass for added safety and security.

Add a quality, durable, semi-frameless glass shower screen as a feature in your bathroom, and discover another level of sophistication.

Keep your bathroom fresher and cleaner for longer. With nothing more than glass to be cared for, a frameless glass shower screen makes cleaning and maintenance much easier.


The Frameless range provides understated elegance with smooth clean lines – a look that will complement your bathroom, whatever the décor. Clean seamless glass joins and invisible fixing points are unique features of our Frameless range.

Available in Starlite and Clear 10mm toughened glass, our Frameless range offers you an elegant but durable and secure shower screen that will add value and style to any bathroom. The contemporary, clean and minimalist appearance of frameless shower screens can form an interesting focal point in your bathroom.

For bathrooms that have a bath but there is no space for a shower, the Fix & Swing screen is the ideal solution. The Fix & Swing screen is fitted over the bath, allowing you to use your bath as a shower.

The Frameless range is available in two finishes: polished silver and polished gold. Add a sleek but solid Frameless glass shower screen to your home or office bathroom today. Take a look at our gallery of configurations and styles below.

We have the shower screen design and configuration to suit your specific needs. Contact our team of experts today to discover our range.

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